Stainless steel braided brake hoses

LLAMA 4x4 specialise in stainless steel braided brake hoses and over the last decade has become both a retail and leading trade supplier to many of the offroad suspension suppliers

 .Individually manufactured to order each hose is exactly what you ask for not just what we have on the shelf.
Available for almost all 4x4 and car application.

Trade Enquiries welcome.


                    Any hose up to 1m long £15.50 inc. vat each.

                                                            Longer hoses available no problem.



We also manufacture cross-drilled discs for Defender / Disco 1 / RRC vehicles.
55 hole pattern was designed by a long time friend of Llama 4x4 who grew up working in the motorsport brakes industry.

            solid £ 64,63 a pair inc vat
                                                             Vented £ 82.25 including vat for a pair!